Shree Sanatan Dharm Brahman Purohit Sabha was established in 1938 and it is the Religious arm of all Sanatan followers in Fiji and consists of Registered Hindu Priests in Fiji.Safeguarding Sabha Interests: Safeguard and preserve the interests of the Brahman Purohit Sabha in Fiji and ensuring the protection and promotion of our organization and its values. Educational and Religious Institutions: Establish, operate, and maintain educational and religious institutions to promote Hinduism, particularly the teachings of Sanatan Dharma. We strive to uphold the teachings, traditions, and roots of Hinduism, drawing wisdom from ancient scriptures like the Vedas and Upanishads. Additionally, we recognize and honor the invaluable contributions of Brahmans in shaping and nurturing Hinduism. Through accurate information and shared wisdom, we empower individuals to embrace their Hindu identity, strengthen their spiritual connection, and embark on a transformative journey toward enlightenment.


Late Pt. Sarvadanand Sharma

Pandit Sarvada Nand Sharma served as the Father of the Ba Brahman Purohit Sabha for Several years.He served as the Head teacher in many schools till his retirement. He was well versed in the Hindu scriptures and pandits usually sought his guidance and interpretation of the scriptures.

Late Pt Ist Deo Sharma

Pandit  Ist Deo Sharma served the Sigatoka Branch of the sabha for many years. He dedicated his time, talents, and interests to the work of Bhagwan (Lord). He has been a sterling example of kindness, generosity, and love for his fellowmen.

Late Pt. Ramesh Sharma

May the Lord bless and keep ever alive the memory of his devoted life of faith and service to others. We pray that his family all affected by his passing will be consoled with the knowledge that he lived a very good life.

Late Pt Pravin Sharma

Late Pt. Pravin Sharma  was a well-known Hindu priest from Tavua was a respected figure amongst Hindus.His teachings and messages were based on tolerance, respect, and caring for the underprivileged.

Meet our team

Above all, our team is dedicated to achieving success and making a meaningful impact in our respective society. These are the Registered Brahamans of the Organization: